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Axia College Material Appendix E Peer Review Checklist Post your completed Peer Review Checklist as a Microsoft Word ® file in your Assignments Tab. Make sure you are respectful and helpful in all of your comments. Are there noticeable elements of the creation that might contribute to an overall theme or style of the final project? Well I am not sure this could go both ways I have a few guesses but not sure what the main topic is. What is the greatest strength of this photo creation? Beautiful picture Is there any material that does not fit or that seems inappropriate for the audience?
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Unformatted text preview: Nope In what ways does this photo creation help the creator meet the final project requirements? Explain your answer. Again not sure by looking but I know it will cover one of the required photos Should more text or image effects be included? Possibly yes for text believe I seen image effects. Are layers or masks identifiable? Explain your answer. I believe so or this is a black and white What is your favorite part of this photo creation? The scenery What other comments might you provide for the creator? Idk because I do not know the title. But great photo IT 235...
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