nutria - Ok so momma nutria has 40 babies by 3 and those...

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Wow there cute but holy cow I never thought something so small could do so much damage and to think of the land they have already destroyed. Four factors are most responsible for high total fertility rates: high infant and child mortality rates, the important economic and societal roles of children in some cultures, the low status of women in many societies, and a lack of health and family planning services. The single most important factor affecting high TFRs is the low status of women. The governments of many developing countries are trying to limit population growth.
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Unformatted text preview: Ok so momma nutria has 40 babies by 3 and those babies start making babies at 6 months. Wow that’s a lot of nutria. I believe that when they run out of land there just going to move to other marsh lands and destroy them too. It is really crazy how something so cute and small can do that much damage that fast. From watching the video I can see that they are destroying lots of land fast. And now I am curious as to what is going to happen when they destroy all that land I know what I think will happen but not really sure....
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