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Risk Assessment of Malathion - Risk Assessment of Malathion...

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Risk Assessment of Malathion The city of Genericville has been proposed with a new pesticide program to help control the mosquitoes that could carry the West Nile Virus. Genericville City Council members have each been asked to research and vote on whether or not the use of the controversial pesticide Malathion would be beneficial to the city and its residents. Malathion is an insecticide that is used to control mosquitoes and other insects that attack fruits, landscaping plants and shrubs. Malathion is also found in some indoor pesticides. As the final vote for the council I have carefully researched the risks of using this pesticide and have outlined them here along with my final vote. This first risk examined was the hazard identifications associated with the use Malathion. This assesses the health risks that could become an issue as a result of exposure to Malathion. This could become an issue only if the city’s residents are not properly educated on the correct use for this pesticide.
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