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In this video we had power by windmill solar panels and talked about turning crops into fuel I personally think that solar power is a very good way to go. However I do not know if they have found a way to still use solar powered panels in the dark or when you live in a climate where you see lots of rain. I know they are making progress in some areas look 5 yrs ago we did not have this e85 gas now older cars cannot run on it but it is something that is good for the environment. Unlike the use of windmills and solar power gas tends to leave fumes and other bad things in the air. Look at California im 37 years old and for
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Unformatted text preview: as long as I can remember I remember my mom talking about California and the air or the smog. I have a sister that is almost 2 yrs older than me and she was born in California in long beach I was born in Mn. My mom will tell you the vast differences in the two and how Minnesota is way healthier than California. However I do not know if they do it there but in Mn you have to go through emission tests if you live in certain parts of the state. I believe if more people worked on ways that powered our country with less harmful effects we would all be healthier....
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