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Being an animal that travels in water a lot that having fewer limbs is an advantage. Because it can swim faster. The same way snakes evolved to be without legs. Legs are good for moving around. But they are large and resource hungry. If you're not using them, they are a dead weight. So, anything which is not using them, and has them smaller than its fellow organisms, has an advantage. This advantage is carried forward to its offspring. If this advantage continues, then over many generations legs will get smaller, and eventually disappear. The same could be applied to flightless birds, such
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Unformatted text preview: as the Kiwi - lack of carnivorous predators made wings an energy burden. Over millions of years they became smaller and eventually lost altogether. When you look at fish they don’t have legs and they swim fast. I watched a movie on the ocean and its creatures and there are many animals that don’t have legs and they do very well. See I believe Darwin was all about what we need to survive. Well this animal does not need legs to survive as it has an eel like body it does better than it would if it had legs....
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