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So the question is - in case of animals for humans there is...

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So the question is: Humans shape their environment in ways that other organisms cannot. Are humans subject to the same pressures of natural selection as other organisms? Why or why not? And we are supposed to provide an example of convergent and divergent evolution, adaptive radiation, and co-evolution. Yes. If we are too weak or too lazy or too unfortunate to make a living, we will not survive. We can steal or grow our own food, but that takes skill as well. We shape our environment considering that we are high on the food chain; we are shaped by our environment considering that we cannot control everything. No, we are not subject to natural selection in the same way other organisms are. Unlike
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Unformatted text preview: in case of animals, for humans there is no strong correlation between being physically very fit and being able to raise your children well. So Divergent evolution is the process of 2 or more related species becoming more n more dissimilar. So let’s use the spider monkey and the macaque monkeys (commonly known as snow monkeys) would be their sounds they make sounds threw actions more than speech. With the monkey there is already beliefs that that is where man evolved from and I believe that there are many things we have learned from the monkey or from apes. http://bioweb.cs.earlham.edu/9-12/evolution/HTML/converge.html...
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