sun assignment - not have them feelings Ok so now with the...

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To start I believe there are many crazy things going on here. Ok this child is 4 I’m sure that if you bring a 4 yr old to this type of appointment she is going to act differently the first time. And as for her eating habits well she is growing so I believe they’re going to change. I have a 7 yr old that was seeing a psychiatrist and at first my daughter wouldn’t talk without me right there. So as far as her not wanting to go to preschool anymore well is there a child out there that does
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Unformatted text preview: not have them feelings? Ok so now with the assignment. I would be asking if family life has changed or is there something happened that caused the Childs feelings to be hurt. I really don’t think this child needs an intervention. I do not believe diagnosing this 4 yr old would benefit anything with the information given....
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