The wording of the question is awkward

The wording of the question is awkward - .. i.e. where we...

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The wording of the question is awkward. Since Darwin's theory of evolution is natural selection . .. this question is worded "Given A, what evidence best supports A?" It's important to recognize that this question is asking for evidence of evolution. It is asking for evidence that Darwinian natural selection is the cause of evolution. Since Darwin's theory of natural selection says that survival and reproduction in an environment is what causes evolution . .. there are three types of evidence we should look for: 1. We should find examples in nature where we can see natural selection as it is occurring .
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Unformatted text preview: .. i.e. where we can document that change in an environment resulted in change to the traits of a species. 2. We should find examples in nature where we can infer from the match of a species to various environments, that environment will shape the traits of a species over a long time. 3. We should be able to manipulate environment in a way that causes particular changes to the species (the equivalent of a lab experiment).
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