This article is weirdly close to me I

This article is weirdly close to me I - That is not going...

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This article is weirdly close to me I’m dealing with issues close to this but I’m not plotting murder I just have a 7 year old that was molested by her sibling and I don’t know what I will do if I ever see him what I will do. As far as I’m concerned the difference between rational and guilty well guilty there is the facts are you did it. Rational is like reasonable. Guilty but insane is your guilty but your insane.
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Unformatted text preview: That is not going to get you off pleading by insanity. Not guilty by insanity means u are not mentally sane or capable of standing trial. Well the difference between mental illness and insanity is I believe that you have to be clinically tested and diagnosed from a Dr. I believe mental illness is a vast range of things that have not been diagnosed by a Dr....
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