exam2005 - MAT 1341A Final Exam December 21, 2005 Duration:...

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December 21, 2005 Duration: 3 hours. Instructor: Barry Jessup. Family Name: First Name: Student number: Some Advice Take 5 minutes to read the entire paper before you begin to write, and read each question carefully. Remember that the multiple choice questions are only worth 1 point and the others are worth 6 points. Make a note of the questions that you feel confident you can do, and then do those first: you do not have to proceed through the paper in the order given. Please read the instructions below. Instructions 1. You have 3 hours to complete this exam. 2. This is a closed bookexam, and no notes of any kind are allowed. The use of calculators , cell phones, pagers or any text storage or communication device is not permitted. 3. Questions 1 to 10 are multiple choice. These questions are worth 1 point each and no part marks will be given. Please record your answers in the spaces opposite. 4. Questions 11 – 15 require a complete solution, and areworth 6 points each, so spend your time accordingly. Answer these questions in the space provided, and use the backs of pages if necessary. Question 15(e) is a bonus question and should only be attempted after all other questions have been completed and checked. 5. The correct answer requires justification written legibly and logically: you must convince me that you know why your solutionis correct. 6. Where it is possible to check your work, do so. Good luck! Bonne chance! 1
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exam2005 - MAT 1341A Final Exam December 21, 2005 Duration:...

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