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01 ECON 383 Lecture 2 - Wednesday, September 14, 2011 Lecture Note –Chapter 1 Economics, institutions, and development: A Global Perspective 1) What is the meaning development? 2) How do we measure economic development? 3) Is economic growth same as economic development? 4) What are the causes of extreme poverty? How do we measure poverty? 5) Is rapid population growth threatening the economic progress of developing nations? 6) What is so bad high levels of inequality? 7) What do you expect to learn from this course? Preview - Methodological Approach in Studying Economic Development - The Nature and Scope of Development Economics o Why Study Development economics? Some Critical Questions o The Important Role of Values in Development Economics - What Do We Mean by Development? o Traditional Economic Measures
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Unformatted text preview: o The New Economic View of Approach o Amartya Sens Capability Approach -Measurement of Poverty and inquality.-The Millennium Development Goal Methodological Approach -We will pock the relevant topics and chapters to study economic development and follow the text fairly closely-We will also discuss journal articles to provide an extensive and in-depth coverage of the topics.-We will study economic theory to understand development process and apply the theories developing countries -We will highlight development problems and the associated pros and cons of the solutions-We will select countries to use as examples -We Economics Increase per capital fill Reduce poverty Reduce inequality Attitudes Values Institutions...
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