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module 08 assignment which way to the future plugged or unplugged

Module 08 assignment which way to the future plugged or unplugged

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Unformatted text preview: Ttl's is your final assignment and your chance to express your opi'lion, show off your creative talents. and show what you have learned. The good news is that forthis assignment. there is stil more to team! You will need to matte use ofthe masking took to build this assignment. The mashing tools allow you to matte nondestructive image oompositing. You must review the masking tutorials before beginning this assignment Masking is technically challenging but is an excelent editing tool and gives I.l'ery rewardi'lg results, especially in the case of extracting parts of images and retiring the edges in your selections. Hybnmemtngyoursotflntol landscape, room,sl'tultion. "diorama, oomrrnnton one oftnefou'towtng quesflonalbroposflhos. 1. Does technology promises us a better future? 2. Things are supposed to be getting better—aren't they? 3. Is the world a better place ecologically now thatwe are 'sayed by technology?" 4. ts I.rirtual space better ttein real space—Le. Second Lite—would you rattler interactwith an avatar that the 'real thing?’ Things to Consider Conceptualty: - fleas, socrletrbotflicatcontext. enwt'omnentet. pom o time—yesterday; today: tomorrow i genre—documentary [historical]. fantasy. photoreaiisrn - nowdo we experience, interact with, and engage with technoiommow will we experience. interred oath. and' engage with nature I! Wfratare the promises ofthefldure—considerideasofutopie, the ideal. shelterdifestyte o Mrardoyouasanmdnwiuatwmtandmeradoyoumnflobe asanindtviduat‘? Things to Consider Technically: - ir"ou will need to photograph yourself it a pose that matches the perspective of the image thetyou are placing yourself into. Try to determine where the horizon fine is in your image to know where the camera should be positioned for the shot. i Donsider gesture and how you are engaging with the soene. - All the photographic details are important: think about the lighting {indoortoutdoor}, scale. perspective. oonb'ast. and othr temperature oftha 'I'nege. o Make an that you try the layer adjustments so that the things that you put in look litre they belong—litre adjusting the colour balance. - Use a tripod when shooting, or stabilize your camera by resting it somewhere . ...
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