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module 03 assignment spatial arrangements

module 03 assignment spatial arrangements - For this...

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Unformatted text preview: For this assignment. you are not going to use the camera. you are going to create from the blank digial canvas. Create two images {format given further down in the assignment} oftwo rifferent spaces us'a'lg concepts from the list below. Choose two definitions ofspaoe from the following list. and digitally represent your choices using Photoshop as your creation tool. ‘rbu can work wih any ofthe shape tools {the Marquee tools. the Lasso tools}. the Pen tool. or the Freeform Pen tool. Options for each tool are available in the tool options bar. You can also try the Gradient told to create depth in your background or foreground planes. As to how things conceptually relate. you could think of setting up a micro and macro relationship. or an 'Iiterior and exterior relationship. Relationships in content can also be made by varying the scale of objects. - representational space: space that deals with one or two- point perspective and the illusion ofdepth. b'ies to mirric reality a surreal space. abstract space: space that does not exist. and so. has i’s own miss + constructed space: a built space that does not necessarily have to rely on perspective and can use both references to real space and fictional space - claconstmcted space: the space is collapsed. fractured orfragmented. or exploded or imploded s layered space: a composition that this a clear foreground. rra'ddle gromd. and background a 2 Itlrnerlslonal space: the space hm little or no depth. think frontal. diagrammatic—could he mapping. cartography. inear - :3 Itlrnerlslonal space: defines a space tint has depth: there could be a cutout where you could look from one space into another; you could see sides of the form You may need to further research some ofthese ideas of space to get a clearer understanding what you can do for tho assignment. There is a great deal of research available to you in the resources section ofthis module. Drawing: Tla'nk about lines, shapes. planes. tea-mlres. coloum. intersection. overlap. inorganic and orga'lic fon'ns. Does the space you are creating have a foreground. middle and background. '3 the space deep or shallow. continuous or interrupted. Drawing tools: pen tied. lasso. pohrgorrall'asso. erases shape touts Palntlng: Ttink about how you are filling the object and stroking the object. Are you varying the opacity. blending modes. and applying the texture? Are you Luring a brLBh'l Bewia'e ofthe tacky 'prernade" brLBhBB. Pamtirrg Ms: gradients. brushes. texture Filters: You can experinent with the filters. but you have to do so with a critical eye and discriminate between what is going to fitwith your idea and help your concept and what isiust decorative eye candy. These effects are used all the time. and unless you use them thoughtfully. theywill give your project that 'Photoshcpped,’ gimmicky loolr. Usefil filters are blur [the Gaussian blLr '5 good fordistance}. motion blur for motion. etc. ...
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