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Mod_4_assignmentworkflow - With CS5 you can also change...

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Module 04 Workflow File > New Document (top menu) Name : Mod4_first initial_lastname_type1 (first file) Width : 800 pixels x Height : 600 pixels Resolution : 150 pixels/inch Colour Mode : RGB Click OK FYI: If you ever need to change your document size, go to Image > Image Size . Next: Choose the Type icon from the Toolbar (or hit t on your keyboard). There are also options for the type tool indicated by the black triangle in the corner of the icon. These options are accessed in the form of a flyout menu. Please note: Vertical type is not usually a good option to choose because we read left to right in the Western world. Vertical type is sometimes used in signage. If the Type Panel is not visible, choose from the Top Menu Windows > Character. The Character Panel will give you the options you need for changing the size of the font, text size, tracking, etc. A version of this palette (the Options palette) is also available at the top of the screen. The Paragraph alignment tool is also located in this palette behind the Character Panel.
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Unformatted text preview: With CS5, you can also change your workspace. If you select Design in the top bar, you will have the tools for type. When you have selected the Type tool, move your cursor onto the page and click you will be able to start typing—you will get a blinking cursor. If you want your text to fill a text box, click on the page and drag on your image. You will get a box with handles on four sides which means that you can use the handles to reshape your box. You can enter text in the box. Adobe.com – Using Photoshop – Type http://help.adobe.com/en_US/photoshop/cs/using/WSfd1234e1c4b69f30ea53e41 001031ab64-75d8a.html Check out Adobe.com to access help. Look specifically for the following tutorials in the Type chapter in the Photoshop CS5 section. • Creating type • Editing text • Formatting characters • Fonts • Line and character spacing • Scaling and rotating type • Formatting paragraphs • Creating type effects • Asian type...
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Mod_4_assignmentworkflow - With CS5 you can also change...

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