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Module 03 Workflow For this project, set your workspace to painting so that you have the tools at hand. To draw a shape in Photoshop, use the Marquee tool to make a square, rectangle, oval, and circle. Hold down the Shift key when you are drawing with the Rectangular Marquee Tool or the Rectangle Tool to make a square or with the Elliptical Marquee Tool or the Ellipse Tool to make a circle. The Pen Tool is a difficult tool to get to know well but it is the best tool to draw with. Unless you have a drawing tablet, it is very hard to draw with a mouse and a brush. Here are some of the possibilities for tools you might use: As you move through these palettes, notice how the tool options bar at the top changes to give you a range of possibilities.
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Unformatted text preview: TRANSFORMING FORM: You can use the transform and rotate tools to distort and alter the shape/image. Remember that you need to be on the correct layer and you need to select the object in order to affect it. TRANSFORM – Command-T (Mac) or Ctrl-T (PC) You should already know this tool from your first project. Once you draw a shape you can transform it using the transform tool found under the top menu Edit > Transform , or use the shortcut commands listed above. You can draw a rectangle, select it and then using the transform tool scale, rotate, distort, perspective, and warp to make it into an object with dimension. Remember that the shape has to be active to affect it....
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Mod_3_workflow - TRANSFORMING FORM You can use the...

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