Exam 3 Review - Issues with the press o Freedom from prior...

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§ Issues with the press o Freedom from prior restraint o Freedom to gather news o Libel o Obscenity § Freedom from prior restraint o Censorship o Guaranteed by the first amendment o Derived from English common law o Freedom of press o Near vs. Minnesota § Gave the police to shut down newspaper, supreme court said it was unconstitutional § Court struck down a Minnesota state law that permitted public official to seek an injunction § Incorporated the first amendment of freedom of the press into the due process clause of the fourteenth amendment o Pentagon Papers cause of 1971 § President Richard Nixon administration put top secret documents in pentagon in secret. Someone photographed the documents, printed then typed them and forwarded to newspapers. § Publishing them doesn’t violate national security o United States v. Progressive, Inc., 467 F. Supp. 990 [W.D. Wis. 1979]). § The national security exception failed again in a 1979 case dealing with the publication of a magazine article that purported to explain the process for making a hydrogen bomb o Nebraska press association vs. Stuart § Prior restraint issue over prejudicial pretrial publicity § Gag order o Hazelwood School district vs. Kuhlmeir § Rule against prior restraint does not apply to the publication of student-operated school newspaper § Articles on teen pregnancy and divorce would allow students to identify classmates who had encountered such difficulties § Every single time a principle censored an article or a board of regents shut down a college paper the court ruled in favor of the school officials
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Kids are minors and have fewer rights than adults o Hill vs. Colorado § Prior restraint § Cant block the entrance and exit to an abortion clinic o Branzburg v. Hayes or United States v. Caldwell § Local DEA woke up and he was shocked that weed was sold in his Louisville brought to court and newspaper said he signed an
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Exam 3 Review - Issues with the press o Freedom from prior...

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