Exam 5 Review - Political Parties Are universal Were...

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Political Parties Are universal Were opposed by founders Founded by founders Scholars prefer parties over groups Parties in the US - Party electorate (Citizens) * Studied at the micro level Individuals Best predictors are party ID Gilligan’s Island Model Gilligan=East Coast=Democrat high school education Skipper-Sailor=Republican veterans, businessman, white Mary Ann-From Kansas=Republican Ginger-West Coast-=Democrat The Professor=Democrat The Howells-Blue Blood/Wall-Streeter=republican Rarely marry outside of party lines * Studied in the macro level Groups/Society Sundquist 1961 Every 30 years sense 1830 we have had a realignment or a sudden reversal in enforcement Every 30 years a critical issue divides majority party Problem: 1. In the 1960s it didn’t happen, a dealignment occured 1966-huge increase % considered themselves independents Alternative Hypothesis Every 72 years we have a triggering event which causes realignment 2 to 3 years later 1786-Debt Crisis 1. Critical issue in 1787-8; whether to adopt new constitution or not 2. Democrats/anti-Feds have office 1857-Dred Scott 1. Critical Issue: Move Slavery into the LA territory 2. Lincoln gets voted in and republicans dominate 1929-Stock market Crash 1. Critical Issue: Great Depression 2. FDR wins but there is a period of first time split party control 2004-Realigning election 1. Rather bush keep us safe than Kerry - Party in Government (pigs) * Elected and appointed officials Legislative Branch Majority Status Determines
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Exam 5 Review - Political Parties Are universal Were...

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