Project - FALL 2010 A2332 Course Project 28 points Due...

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FALL 2010 A2332 Course Project 28 points Due Monday Nov 29 (hand in to lab 133MH by 7PM) Cash budget, Income statement and performance report using a flexible budget. INSTRUCTIONS: Read the case and answer the requirements below. To receive full credit you must adhere to the following instructions: 1. FILL OUT THE INFORMATION REQUESTED BELOW AND HAND IN THIS PAGE YES, YOU MUST PRINT OUT THIS PAGE TO HAND IT IN. YOUR NAME ________________________________________________ YOUR PEOPLESOFT ID ______________________________ YOUR INSTRUCTOR’S LAST NAME _____________________________ YOUR RECEIPT NUMBER _______________ (lab assistants will give you this) 2. HAND WRITE YOUR ANSWERS 3. USE ONE SIDE OF A PAGE FOR EACH REQUIREMENT 1, 2, 3 and 5 USE THE TEMPLATE PROVIDED BELOW FOR REQUIREMENT #4 4. HAND YOUR PROJECT IN TO THE LAB (133MH) DURING LAB HOURS ON OR BEFORE THE DUE DATE. LATE PROJECTS WILL BE CHARGED A PENALTY 5. DO YOUR OWN WORK!!!! ACADEMIC HONESTY IS IMPORTANT. PROJECT FACTS Colbert Company specializes in making aluminum pistons on a just in time basis. Colbert buys aluminum only after receiving a firm order. Thus, Colbert only buys materials for and produces what will be sold in a particular month. To build business and gain new customers Colbert has extended generous credit terms to customers. While Colbert is confident about the fundamentals of the business, there is some concern about the company's cash flow situation in the short run. The selling price of pistons is $41 per piston. Colbert provides the following information
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Project - FALL 2010 A2332 Course Project 28 points Due...

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