study guide - Abraham Lincolns Changing Views o 1854 Only a...

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Abraham Lincoln’s Changing Views o 1854 Only a lawyer Knew northern people nor congress could do anything about slavery in the southern states America should respect the Fugitive Slave Act Criticized slavery Slaves should not be free and equal to rights, still was racist Do not let it grow out of Kansas or Nebraska or other territories o 1855 Considered the nation in a moral decay over slavery o 1857 Founding fathers created a government where all are free and the value of life should be the same for all colors o 1858 House divided speech Slave Power Conspiracy existed and involved northern accomplices Dred Scott- southerner Roger Taney had affirmed the right of slaveholders to travel to free states and territories with their slaves and denied congress the authority to stop it from spreading o 1859 Only way to stop slavery it is an attack o Epilogue End of the war Lincoln showed signals that he could accept blacks as politically equal and maybe socially equal to Clays Proposal => Compromise of 1850- o Henry Clay was the author o California was admitted as a free state, organize the rest of Mexican cession without restrictions on slavery, deny Texas northern claims (pay its debts) abolish only the slave trade in Washington DC, adopt a tougher fugitive slave law o Southern Reaction First focused talk of secession in the south Fire Eaters Extreme Pro Slavery Mississippi starts taking inventory of weapons Southern rights associations form Nashville convention of 1850 Exploring the idea to succeed or not o Northern Reaction Did not agree with it they ended up passing the personal liberty laws Schooling in South o All schools had a slave catching in curriculum Uncle Tom’s Cabin o Harriet Breecher Stowe o Showed the life of a slave, very cruel Sumner-Brooks Affair
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study guide - Abraham Lincolns Changing Views o 1854 Only a...

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