Test 1 Note Outline - September 9 th-Colonial Societies and...

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History 1336 Fall 2010 Exam 1 Note Outline August 24th I. European Voyages a. Leif Ericson b. Marco Polo c. Christopher Columbus II. The first Americans III. Roanoke a. Sir Walther Raleigh b. Croatoans August 26 th -Development of English North America I. The Virginia Company a. Joint Stock Company II. Powhatan III. Why people came IV. Plymouth Plantation V. Massachusetts Bay Company VI. Rhode Island VII. Connecticut VIII. Maryland September 2 nd -Life and Labor I. Indentured Servitude a. The system b. The numbers c. The servants d. Decline II. African American Slavery a. Virginia and Maryland b. Carolina c. Georgia September 7 th -The Slaves: Cultures Old and New I. The African Slave Trade II. Formation of African American Culture III. A note on Native Americans September 7 th -African American Culture I. Cultural Creolization II. Gullah III. September 9 th -Formation of Colonial Governments I. Background a. Precedent b. Freeman II. Virginia a. House of Burgesses in 1619 III. Maryland IV. Massachusetts Bay a. The General Court
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Unformatted text preview: September 9 th-Colonial Societies and Flux I. Pacifist and Power in Pennsylvania a. William Penn b. French and Indian War in 1754-1763 c. General Fund II. Bacons Rebellion a. Nathaniel Bacon b. Sir William Berkley c. 1676 III. Change and Panic in Massachusetts a. Half Way Covenant in 1662 September 14 th-The English Perspective I. Mercantilism a. Navigation Acts II. Dominion of New England III. The Colonial System IV. War and its consequences V. A Costly Victory History 1336 Fall 2010 Exam 1 Note Outline September 16 th-From Britons to Americans I. Making colonies Pay II. Stamp Act Crisis III. Sources of Colonial Unity and Discontent IV. The empire strikes Back V. War Begun VI. Independence September 21 st-Consequences of the revolution I. New forms of government a. Bill of Rights b. Articles of Confederation II. The Constitution III. Liberty and Slavery...
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Test 1 Note Outline - September 9 th-Colonial Societies and...

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