Chapter 1 Assignements

Chapter 1 Assignements - Art Appreciation ARTS 1301...

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Art Appreciation ARTS 1301 Chapter 1 What is Art? First : read and focus Read Chapter 1, What is art? This chapter addresses the question, what is art, by focusing on common purposes that artist have had for creating their works in both the past and present. Look at the roles art plays in society and how that society can define it and set limits on it. Think about how art affects us (and you), and how we (and you) live with art. Why we make art, why we have art in our lives, and how creativity comes into play were art is concerned? Also, think about the roles of the artist and the observer (you), and how each is affected by life experiences, culture, time and place. The next five discussion questions will build upon this chapter. Think about for what purpose would you make a work of art and what it would be like if you had the skill and money. Second : review and extra help Visit these sites for Chapter. They were recommended by your book Understanding Art . The Hermitage Museum Third : Vocabulary and terminology Vocabulary and terminology from Chapter 1 to know for the first test. Art Ability o The human capacity to make things of beauty and things that stir us; it is creativity Art Process o Encompasses acts such as drawing, painting, sculpting, designing, buildings, and using the camera to create memorable works, any action resulting in a work of art. Art Product
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Chapter 1 Assignements - Art Appreciation ARTS 1301...

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