Chapter 6 - Chapter 6 Painting First: read and focus Read...

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Chapter 6 Painting First : read and focus Read Chapter 6, Painting. Follow the evolution of painting materials through history. See how the pigment, vehicle, and medium plays a role in the preparation of paint and how changing these changes the type of paint and the painting technique. Note the limitations and the possibilities this has on each painting technique. Learn about different supports and how it is important to properly prepare them to receive paint. Focus on the characteristics and qualities produced by different painting mediums and materials, so that if you see them used in a different works of art you can recognize the mediums and/or materials. Second : review and extra help Visit these sites for Chapter 6. They were recommended by your book Understanding Art. The National Gallery's Web site at Also, visit the sites at it includes links to watercolor, oils, acrylics and even airbrush. Arts/Visual_Arts/Painting/Artists/Masters/ has links to both masters and contemporary artist. Study the different painting mediums and materials the artist use and the different characteristics and qualities each artist achieves with them. Third : vocabulary and terminology Vocabulary and Terminology from Chapter 6 to know for the second test. o Pigment o Coloring matter that is usually mixed with water, oil, or other substances in order to make paint. o Medium o The binding material in paint in which the pigment is suspended. The materials and methods used to create an image or object, as in drawing, painting, sculpture, etc. From the Latin meaning means. o Binder o A material that binds substances together o Solvent o Enables the artist to thin the paint so as to control its flow and also to clean the brushes. o Vehicle o A liquid such as water or oil with which pigments are mixed for painting.
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o Support o A surface on which a two-dimensional work of art is made o Ground o The surface on which a two-dimensional work of art is created; a coat of liquid material applied to a support that serves as a base for drawing or painting. Also, the background in a composition. o Primer o A preliminary coating applied to a painting support to improve adhesion of paints or to create special effects o Paint o A mixture of a pigment with a vehicle or medium. o o Encaustic o A method of painting in which the colors in a wax medium are burned into a surface with hot irons. o Fresco o A type of painting in which pigments are applied to a fresh, wet plaster surface or wall and thereby become part of the surface or wall. From the Italian word meaning "fresh." o Fresco secco o Dry fresco; painting executed on dry plaster: o Contrast with buon fresco. o
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Chapter 6 - Chapter 6 Painting First: read and focus Read...

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