Chapter 7 - Chapter 7 Printmaking First: read and focus...

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Chapter 7 Printmaking First : read and focus Read Chapter 7, Printmaking. Learn why prints are different than other two-dimensional art forms and the differences between the 4 major categories of printmaking; relief, intaglio, lithography, and serigraphy and the different techniques in each category. Focus on the characteristics and qualities produced by different printmaking mediums and materials, so that if you see them used in a different work of art you can recognize the medium and/or material. Second : review and extra help Visit these sites for Chapter 7. They were recommended by your book Understanding Art. The Spencer Museum's Printroom at and Also, Visit the art sites at which includes links to the masters and personal exhibits of Contemporary Artist. Study the different mediums and materials the artist use and the different characteristics and qualities each artist achieves with them. Third : vocabulary and terminology Vocabulary and Terminology from Chapter 7 to know for the second test. o Print o In printmaking, a picture or design made by pressing or hitting a surface with a plate, block, etc. In photography, a photograph, especially one made from a negative. o Matrix o In printmaking, the working surface of the block, slab, or screen o Relief printing o Any printmaking technique in which the printing matrix is carved with knives so that the areas not meant to be printed o Woodcut o A type of relief printing in which the plank side of the wooden matrix is carved with a knife. o Linocut o a relief printmaking technique in which a block of linoleum is carved so as to leave image areas raised above the surface of the block; in function. Also the resultant print. o Wood engraving
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o A type of relief printing in which a hard, laminated, nondirectional wood surface is used as the matrix. o Lamination o The process of building up by layers. o Incise o To cut with a sharp tool o Burin o A pointed cutting tool used by engravers. o Graver o A cutting tool used by engravers and sculptors. o Intaglio o A printing process, in which metal plates are incised, covered with ink, wiped, and pressed against paper. The paint receives the image of the areas that are below the surface of the matrix o Engraving o Cutting; in printmaking an intaglio process in which plates of copper, zinc, or steel are cut with a burin and the ink image is pressed onto paper o Drypoint o A variation of engraving in which the surface of the matrix is cut with a needle to make rough edges. In print-making, rough edges make soft rather than crisp lines. o Mezzotint o A nonlinear engraving process in which the matrix is pitted with a hatcher. o
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Chapter 7 - Chapter 7 Printmaking First: read and focus...

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