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Chapter 8 Imaging: Photography, Film, Video, and Digital Arts First : read and focus Read Chapter 8, The Camera Arts: Photography, Film, and Video. These are all processes you are familiar with and most likely you have taken a photograph. Learn how photography developed and how it fits into society and eventually became a "high" art form. Focus on photography and its purposes like "ART", photojournalism as in news photography, documentary and war photography. See how photography was just a beginning of many imaging medias such as motion pictures or cinema images, video imaging, and computer and digital imaging; note the evolution from photography, motion pictures, video, and digital arts. Think about how the public relates to, has access to, and participates in each of these imaging medias and how important they are in all of our daily lives. This chapter is a perfect example of how technology changes the definition of art. Second : review and extra help Visit these sites for Chapter 8. They were recommended by your book Understanding Art . Getty Museum's Britain's National Museum of Photography, Film, and Television and Also, visit the sites at, which includes links to commercial photographers, group and personal exhibits, photojournalists and masters, along with nature and wildlife, underwater and other links to photography related subjects. Third : vocabulary and terminology Vocabulary and Terminology from Chapter 8 to know for the second text. Video art o Use of the video screen in works of art. The term refers to images shown on these monitors and to the use of video screens or monitors in assemblages. Digital art o Art forms that make use of or are developed with the assistance of electronic instruments such as computers that store and manipulate information through the use of series of zeroes and ones (digits); including but not limited to Web design, graphic design, and digital photography Photograph o T he creation of images by exposure of a photosensitive surface to light.
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Film o A thin sheet of cellulose material that is coated with a photosensitive substance. Candid o In photography, unposed, informal. Negative o In photography, an exposed and developed film or plate on which values are the reverse of what they are in the actual scene and in the print, or positive Digital Photography o Photography that stores visual information electronically rather than by means of film Resolution o In video and digital photography, the sharpness of a picture, as determined by the number of lines composing the picture Camera obscura o An early camera consisting of a large dark chamber with a lens opening, through which an image is projected onto the opposite surface in its natural colors Daguerreotype o A photograph made from a silver-coated copper plate. Named after the
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Chapter 8 - Chapter 8 Imaging Photography Film Video and...

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