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Chapter 10 Site - Chapter 10 Site-Specfic Art First: read...

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Chapter 10 Site-Specfic Art First: read and focus Read Chapter 10 Site-Specific Art. Note that the history of art is filled with rich and diverse examples of site-specific works of art, but the term site-specific art came about in the 1960's and 70's. These works of art are created for or in a specific location from works such as Sistine Chapel ceiling by Michelangelo to The Gates, in Central Park, New York City by Christo and Jeanne-Claude. Second: review and extra help Visit these sites for Chapter 10. They were recommended by your book Understanding Art . The Guggenheim's website: . Just type "site specific art" in the Search box and many great examples pop up. The Open Directory Project . Also, visit the sites at osaic_destinations.html includes links to group and personal exhibits, masters, and individual categories of sculpture such as metal, wood, glass, stone etc and . Study the different sculpture mediums and materials the artist use and the different characteristics and qualities each artist achieves with them. Third: vocabulary and terminology Vocabulary and Terminology from Chapter 10 to know for the second text. Site-specific art o Art that is produced in or for one location and is not intended to be relocated Land art o Site-specific work that is created or marked by an artist within natural surroundings. Earthwork o A work of art in which large amounts of earth or land are shaped into a sculpture Environmental art
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o 1. Art that is large enough for viewers to enter and move about in. o
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Chapter 10 Site - Chapter 10 Site-Specfic Art First: read...

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