chapter 12 - Art Appreciation ARTS 1301 Chapter 12 Craft...

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Art Appreciation ARTS 1301 Chapter 12 Craft and Design First : read and focus Read Chapter 12, Craft and Design. Focus on the characteristics and qualities produced by different craft mediums and materials, so that if you see them used in a different work of art you can recognize the mediums and/or materials. This chapter looks at very few of the many uses of each of the different mediums. But because of time we have to limit our discussion. The other topic covered by this chapter is design such as posters, industrial design, or advertising. Perhaps the common thread between craft and design is both encompass utilitarian objects. Think about this and decide what your thoughts are on this comparison. Second : review and extra help Visit these sites for Chapter 12. They were recommended by your book Understanding Art. The American Craft Council and the American Institute of graphic Arts at and Also, visit the sites at, which has links to commercial designers, multimedia designers, and group and personal exhibits. Third : vocabulary and terminology Vocabulary and Terminology from Chapter 12 to know for the second text. Craft o Expert handiwork, or work done by hand. Crafts o Works of art, decorative or useful, that are skillfully made by hand. Form o The totality of what the viewer sees in a work of art—the product of the composition of the visual Function o The action for which a thing is specially fitted or used or for which a thing exists; implies a definite end or purpose that a particular kind of work it is intended to perform. Ceramics
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o The art of creating objects made of baked clay, such as pottery and earthenware. Pottery o Pots, bowls, dishes, and similar wares made of clay and hardened by heat. A shop at which such objects are made. Kiln o An oven used for drying and firing ceramics. Throwing o In ceramics, the process of shaping that takes place on the potter's wheel. Coiling o A pottery technique in which lengths of clay are wound in a spiral fashion. Glaze o In painting, to coat a pained surface with a semi-transparent color that provides a glassy or glossy finish. In ceramics, to apply a liquid suspension of powdered material to the surface of a ware. After drying, the ware is fired at a temperature that causes the ingredients to melt together to form a hard, glossy coating. Glazing o The art or process of applying a glaze; the result of applying a glaze Bisque o In ceramics, a preliminary firing that hardens the body of a ware. Firing Ware o Pottery or porcelain; a good to be sold by a merchant. Earthenware
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chapter 12 - Art Appreciation ARTS 1301 Chapter 12 Craft...

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