Chapter 19 Modern Art

Chapter 19 Modern Art - Chapter 19 Modern Art First read...

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Chapter 19 Modern Art First : read and focus Read Chapter 19, Modern Art. Focus on the principal movements in art and their unique characteristics. See how Neoclassicism and Romanticism set an example from which the later movements of Modern Art can follow and expand the definition of Art. Look for how the artists are questioning the idea of illusionistic or representational art. Can a painting be about the act of painting or surface, color or expression? Second : review and extra help Visit these sites for Chapter 19. They were recommended by your book Understanding Art. The Louvre at and the Musee d'Orsay at and Third : vocabulary and terminology Vocabulary and terminology from Chapter 19 to know for the final test. Picture plane, Planar recession, Linear recession, Bohemian, Neoclassical Style, Romanticism, Poussiniste, Rubeniste, Academic Art, Realism, Pastoral, Avant- garde, Impressionism, Optical, Conceptual, Salon, Chiaroscuro, Local color, Complementary color, Primary color, Postimpressionism, Pointillism, Synthetism, Expressionism, Expressionistic, Hudson river School, Art Nouveau, and Steel- cage construction. Fourth : works of art Works of art for Chapter 19 to know for the final test. Pg 434 fig 19-1; Pg 438 fig 19-5; Pg 439 fig 19-6; Pg 442 fig 19-11; Pg 444 fig 19-13; Pg 445 fig 19-14; Pg 450 fig 19-21; Pg 450 fig 19-22; Pg 451 fig 19-23; Pg 452 fig 19-24; Pg 453 fig 19-25; Pg 454 fig 19-26; Pg 455 fig 19-27; Pg 457 fig 19-29; Pg 458 fig 19-30; Pg 459 fig 19-31; Pg 459 fig 19-32; Pg 460 fig 19-33; Pg 465 fig 19-40; Pg 464 fig 19-38 Associate the works of art to the vocabulary and terminology. Fifth : CONCEPTS AND QUESTIONS Concepts and questions for Chapter 19. This assignment is for a grade and must be completed on or before its due date. For this assignments due date and all assignment due dates you must check your weekly course outline and/or your syllabus. Due dates must be observed to receive credit for this assignment. Once the quiz has been shut down it will not be reopened.
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Chapter 19 Homework Look on page 434 at figure 19-1. The Oath of the Horath by Jacques-Louis David 1. The Oath of the Horath by Jacques-Louis David is an example of the __________ style. Some of the characteristics of this style we see in this work are the harsh sculptural lines that define the figures and setting, a subdued palette, and the use of planar recession into space. A. Academic art B. Realism C. Neoclassicism D. Expressionism E. Romanticism 2. Artist classified as __________ advocated asserting emotion and intuition over rationalism and the importance of the individual over social conformity. The sense of emotion is enhanced by virtuoso brushwork and a brilliant palette. A. Expressionist
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Chapter 19 Modern Art - Chapter 19 Modern Art First read...

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