pre test - 1. In the visual arts _ refers to the...

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1. In the visual arts __________ refers to the characteristic or characteristics that are constant, repeating, and consistent visual or conceptual traits associated with the work of an individual artist, a school, a movement, a specific culture, or time period. A) style B) form C) content D) composition E) icongraphy 2. Motion and space were concerns of the _________ artist. The concept of time, a dramatic use of light, and a passionate theatricality complete the list of the five most important characteristics of this style of art. A) Classical B) Rococo C) Renaissance D) Baroque E) Romanesque 3. Untitled by Alexander Calder Look on page 64 at figure 2-67 Sculptors have always been concerned with the portrayal of movements, but ________ sculptures actually do move. Some of the most popular examples of this type of sculpture in the twentieth century are the mobiles of Alexander Calder. A) mixed media B) assemblage C) kinetic D) construction 4. Temple of Amen-Re at Karnak (Egyptian, XVIII Dynasty) Look on page 218 at figure 11-4. The Egyptian Temple of Amen-Re at Karnak uses the structural system of _________ in which two uprights support a horizontal crosspiece. The paintings, relief sculptures, and overall smoothness of the columns belie the columns function as the bearers of stress. A) post and lintel construction B) arches C) post and bean construction D) vaults 5. There are three levels of ___________ : subject matter, elements and composition, and underlying or symbolic meaning or themes. A) content B) style C) composition D) form E) iconography 6. The vocabulary of art includes ________________________________ ; these are the visual or plastic elements. A) line, shape, light, value, color, hue, texture, space, and motion
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pre test - 1. In the visual arts _ refers to the...

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