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Week 6 Discussion - Once the county can figure out how to...

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5 7 6 4 2 3 1 B L K J H G F E D C A The black squares below represent water irrigation inlets for each of 7 fields. Currently the water flows from the irrigation station marked as number 1 (on the hill) to each of the other stations along the lettered paths. The water is in the irrigation ditches at all times and this wastes a lot of water. The irrigation department for the county wants to be able to water all of the farms, but they need to do it in a more efficient manner.
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Unformatted text preview: Once the county can figure out how to water all the fields with less ditches, they will fill in the other ditches to allow for more farmland to the farmers. If a new ditch must be dug to accomplish a better watering system, then please illustrate it on the diagram. Please help the county irrigation department water the fields by finding a good spanning tree route for the water to flow. Please color the new irrigation paths in BLUE....
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