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26response4 - Hong Zhijun

26response4 - Hong Zhijun - Music 26ac session D 28 July...

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Music 26ac session D 28 July 2011 Listening Response #4 Save this as “26Listening4 – [last name, first name]” and upload to the assignment page on bspace. Please note: if you do not get an automated email from bspace confirming your upload, it did not work! Try again! 1) Compare and contrast the three performances of “We Shall Not Be Moved” (including “No Nos Moveran”) on bspace, from Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday of this week. Include as much detail as you can in the table below. [note: if you don’t have the handout, the liner notes for “No Nos Moveran” are in the reading labeled “Rolas” under resources readings.] Pete Seeger and Chorus (1955) SNCC Freedom Singers with Rutha Harris (1963) Le Rondalla Amerindian de Aztlan (1967) voices and instruments used Guitar and banjo Vocals and claps Guitar and vocal playing and/ or singing style (vocal timbre, role of instruments, similarity to other genres of music, etc.) Mostly unsion of both male and female voice with occasional solo male voice singing before “we shall not be move”. There is not much singing technique so it is easy to sing along. The easily memorized and repeating melody makes the song echo in people’s mind. The guitar and banjo play the base line and stresses, while the vocal forms the melody. The chorus create a sense of united Rutha Harris lead the whole song, performs both solo and harmony with others. Sometimes he sings the melody while others sing the lyrics. The claps stress the beats. The song is similar to blues. This song is rhythmic and melodic. It is mostly sang in unison of male voice with guitar plays the strong base line and stresses the beats. The chorus/ melody repeat.
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group. The music style is
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26response4 - Hong Zhijun - Music 26ac session D 28 July...

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