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Chapter Notes - Introduction - Chapter Notes –...

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Chapter Notes – Introduction, Chapter 1 How to read this chapter and take notes Read through this guide and the headlines of the textbook to get an idea of what it is you will be learning BEFORE starting to read. 1. Then, for the first section, read the guide, then carefully read the section in the text book. a. Fill out the guide with all relevant information. Put definitions IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Give examples FROM YOUR LIFE. Do NOT just copy from the book! b. Complete all sections by repeating steps a and b. Take a break and come back later! 2. Re-read the chapter. After each section, refer to, and read your notes. NOTE: Answer every part of this guide, and make sure you understand the material before moving on. That being said, I am not expecting essays. It can be in outline form, concise, and organized in a way that is easy for you to understand. For a few of these parts, you may need to consult the internet. If you cannot find the answer, you can always email or meet with me… that’s why I am here
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Chapter Notes - Introduction - Chapter Notes –...

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