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hw9 - for n ≥ 2 Question 4[5 marks Exercise 6 page 188 of...

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ECE 103 Discrete Math for Engineers University of Waterloo Spring 2010 Instructors: Koray Karabina, Ashwin Nayak Homework 9, due July 26, 2010 Question 1. [5 marks] Exercise 2, page 185 of the text book. Question 2. [5 marks] Exercise 7(a), 7(c), page 185 of the text book. Question 3. [5 marks] Prove that none of the edges in the n -hypercube is a cut-edge (also called a bridge),
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Unformatted text preview: for n ≥ 2. Question 4. [5 marks] Exercise 6, page 188 of the text book. Question 5. [5 marks] Exercise 2, page 188 of the text. (A graph is called bi-partite if you can colour its vertices in two different colours such that no two adjacent vertices have the same colour.) 1...
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