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Unformatted text preview: HOMINOID EVOLUTION Possible Phylogeny of the Great Apes Late Neanderthal Man (30-100K yrs BP) AUSTRALIA Cro-Magnon Man 45,000 yrs BP EUROPE-W.ASIA H. neanderthalensis Mousterian Culture N.A., S.A. E. ASIA EUROPE “Hobbit” Man H. floresiensis 1 mil -12K YBP Shanidar Skull (Israel) 40K yrs BP ?? Homo sapiens 200K yrs BP Java Man PLEISTOCENE E. AFRICA EUROPE ? ASIA Early Neanderthal Man (100-300K yrs BP) Homo erectus 1.5-0.4 mil yrs BP (The Levant) H. heidelbergensis 0.1-1.5 mil yrs BP (archaic H. sapiens) EUROPE 500,000 yrs BP formerly included in H. sapiens E. AFRICA Homo ergaster “Turkana Boy” Archeulean Culture Peiking Man ASIA 1.5-2 mil yrs BP included in H. erectus in broad sense AFRICA Aust. robustus (Paranthropus r.) 3.0-1.5 mil yrs BP PLIOCENE ? Aust. boisei? (P. b.) EAST & SOUTH AFRICA Homo habilis Taung Child Earliest Homo 3 mil yrs BP Pan Present Gorilla Aust. africanus 4.2-3.9 mil yrs BP Australopithecus anamensis Former gap in fossil recond (ca. 9-4.5 mil yrs BP) recently being filled in ASIA Present Pongo Australopithecus afarensis “Lucy” 3.9-3.0 mil yrs BP Ardipithecus ramidus (4.4 MYBP) Ardipithecus ramidus kadabba (c. 4.9 MYBP) HOMININAE PANINAE Orrorin tugenensis ( c. 6 MYBP) Sahelanthropus chadensis (7 MY BP) PONGIDAE PONGIDAE HOMINIDAE MIOCENE AFRICAN GREAT APES other taxa Ramapithecus 20-10 mil yrs BP AFRICA ASIA Sivapithecus 14 mil yrs BP EURASIA Dryopithecus (Proconsul) [Skulls not to same scale] © J.C.Semple 2010 ...
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