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Biology 359 – Evolution "Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution." T. Dobzhansky. The theory of evolution unites the whole of biology and all living organisms into a coherent body of knowledge, allowing comparisons across all forms of life. Biology cannot be fully understood without an understanding of biological evolution and the implication of evolutionary processes on life on earth. Course Instructor: Dr. Jonathan Witt Office: B2-252 extension: 35951 email: [email protected] Office hours: Monday 1:15 pm to 1:45 pm. Additional office hours will be scheduled prior to exams, and to look at your midterms after they have been graded. Lectures: Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 4:30 to 5:20 in AL 113 Course web site:, UWDIR username and password, lectures notes will be available on the web site Prerequisites: BIOL 139 or BIOL 250 Required Text Evolutionary Analysis. Fourth Edition . By Scott Freeman and Jon C. Herron. Available in the Book Store. Note that this edition contains numerous changes from the previous third edition. A limited number of copies (3) are available for 3 hour loan at the reserve desk in the Davis library (Call Number UWD 1467 ). Learning Outcomes By the end of the course you should be able to . . . Know and describe the various mechanisms underlying evolutionary change Explain and illustrate these mechanisms in the context of course examples Demonstrate how these processes may result in adaptation, speciation and extinction Course notes Lecture notes will be available for download at some point before the lecture. I will do my best to always have them up on the evening prior to the lecture (or earlier), but in rare instances they may not be up until the morning on the day of the lecture. I strongly emphasize that the lecture notes are a tool to be used in combination with the lectures themselves, and the text Movies I will be showing some interesting movies during the course. These movies convey concepts that are important in the course and you may be tested on concepts and studies that are presented in these films. Please note that I DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES lend out my copies of these movies. 1
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The study of evolution is a vast accumulation of scientific information from numerous sub disciplines such as systematics, biogeography, population genetics, geology and paleontology. The sub disciplines are not isolated fields of study but are interconnected and form a mature, coherent body of statements based on reasoning, hypothesis testing and evidence that explains a variety of observations of the natural world. The concept map below will enable you to visualize the interconnection of the many topics that we will be discussing in this course. Please refer to it often as we proceed through the course material. 2
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Course_Outline_F2010 - 1 Biology 359 Evolution"Nothing in...

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