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9/8/11 What makes something a crime? 1. Something that is wrong in itself ex. Murder, robbing 2. Something that is wrong because we say it is ex. Text while driving Crime measurement UCR (uniform crime report) Reporting to police 1. Part 1 crime – most of them are from “the wrong in itself” have not make an arrested yet, only have to be reported Violent crime: murder, aggregated assault, robbery, rape Property crime: thief, arson, burglary (deal with property), and auto thief 2. Part 2 crime – arrested has been made Ex. Guns, drugs National crime victimization survey (NCVS) – personal crime UCR – commercial crime Looking to the future of criminal justice Predictions and vision for the future …. . promising strategies included the following 1. Increased use of biosensors, laser 2. Electronic tracking devices 3. Cell phones, electronic pendants 4. Increased development and use of digital technology
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Increased development of nonlethal weapons 6. The use of bionic eyes and eardrums 7. Behavioral altering drugs 8. Microprocessors Costs of criminal victimizations 1. Monetary costs can be estimated by identifying the criminal justice system operating and offender processing costs 2. Human costs refer to the lost lives and unused human potential three sources of error in UCR 1. Hierarchy rule where if multiple crimes are committed in a single incident ONLY the most serious crime is reported to the UCR 2. Inconsistency in Data submission (underreporting) 3. Clerical and data processing problems (both under and over reporting) Problems with NCVS It cannot measure ALL CRIME. It is a survey based on sampling of household through victims interviews The oldest law enforcement agency is postal inspectors, post office 1....
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chatper - 5. Increased development of nonlethal weapons 6....

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