Exam 1 Reviews - US supreme court is the highest court...

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US supreme court is the highest court system in the US 1. Uniform crime report – crimes reported to the police 2. Part 1 crime – most of them are from “the wrong in itself” have not make an arrested yet, only have to be reported Violent crime: murder, aggregated assault, robbery, rape Property crime: thief, arson, burglary (deal with property), and auto thief Part 2 crime – arrested has been made Ex. Guns, drugs 3. Three sources of error in the UCR - Hierchary rule – multiply crimes are committed, only the most serious crime is reported to UCR - Underreporting - Both under and over reporting 4. UCR is more accurate, ucr provides nationwide crime data based on crimes known to police, NCVS unreported crime not as accurate, can’t measure all crime, survey base on sampling it neglect commercial crime National crime victimization survey (NCVS) – personal crime, target individuals in households UCR – commercial crime, limited number of reported crimes, target 98% of law enforcement 5. NCVS is the measurement of crime in the US 6. Costs of criminal victimizations Monetary costs – can be estimated by identifying the criminal justice system operating and offender processing costs Human costs – refer to the lost lives and unused human potential 7. The FBI is responsible for enforcing over 250 federal laws, and therefore it has a wider jurisdiction. The chief investigative agency of the US department of Justice. Other federal agency, immigration and naturalization service, us customs service, federal bureau of prisons 8. P292 9. P292 the judges have to balance the punishment and crime, they have the abilities to reduce or increase the punishment regardless of juries decision
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10. The largest community service program in the US is NYC’s community service
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Exam 1 Reviews - US supreme court is the highest court...

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