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C Name________Chenhai(Michael)_Mai______________________Seat Number__________ This assignment is due on Monday, February 14, 2011. Print out this page with your name, seat number and answer. Bring the printed out copy to Business Forum and place it in front before class begins. The question below is based on the following WSJ article: Taco Bell Makes Spicy Retort to Suit by: Julie Jargon, Emily Steel, AND Joann S. Lublin Jan 31, 2011 What is the legal basis of the lawsuit filed against Taco Bell? Who has filed the lawsuit and why did that party file it? Basically the lawsuit is about one customer stating that the Taco Bell’s taco mixture consists of more filler than the real meat. The customer claimed that the taco mixture is 35% of
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Unformatted text preview: beef and other ingredients. The company’s response was that the taco mixture is 88% beef mixed with other ingredients. Since this is not the first fast-food restaurant that has ever been suited, they know how to resolve this kind of issues. On top of that, this is also not the first time Taco Bell has been suited for their ingredients. Back in 2006, Taco Bell faced dozens of customer complaints for the outbreak of E.coli bacteria. Although the lawsuit is still being processed, the company President Greg Creed says that it has not hurt their business, and he even went further by saying that most of the comments they have received are positive....
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