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Business Forum NASA Case Study

Business Forum NASA Case Study - NASA Case Study Chenhao...

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NASA Case Study Chenhao Michael Mai Business Forum section 1 4/27/11 People face different kind of ethical challenges each day, many of them choose to ignore them others choose to approach them with their own solutions. In the year 2003, a disaster that has a strong impact on how companies face different ethical challenges. NASA’s Columbia which launched on January 31, 2003 disintegrated on reentry into the Earth’s atmosphere due to the debris strike during the initial launch. NASA had many successful launches in the past centuries; however NASA had become too confident in its technology. On top of that, they have trusted and relied on their employees way too much which caused NASA to forget the fact that safety is its number one concern. Instead of letting all the employees to do their job, it is important to have the managers to monitor each of the steps to prevent any mistakes. On top of that, each mission should be treated seriously especially when people’s lives are at risked. After the accident, officials started an investigation on the space shuttle; they stated that the foam damage was considered as a minor maintenance problem which should not have cause the accident. Although the NASA officials said that foam damage during the launch process is normal and should not cause any future damage, it does not apply on this case. Therefore when something like this happen, it raises an ethical dilemma problem, the employee can either put in the effort to work on the fatal problems, or they can ignore the problem as not worth for the investigation. However, there are several consequences of ignoring the problem so that it
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is important for the employee to weight out the potential benefits and risks in order to decide on what to do.
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Business Forum NASA Case Study - NASA Case Study Chenhao...

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