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Unformatted text preview: Roger CPA Review Response Business Forum Mai, Chenhao(Michael) 4/17/2011 [email protected] Question 2. Name at least 5 recommendations Roger provided for growing a business Base on Roger’s presentation on starting/growing a business last Monday, I chose couple main ideas that I personally think are the most important recommendations. These recommendations include having a goal, starting with as much of your own money as possible, staying connected with your own business, networking with people, and using the right resources. First, having a goal for the company in the near future is very important because it is very hard for any kind of business to survive without a business plan. On top of that, having a detailed business plan is not enough; having a goal is way more important than having a business plan. Having a goal does not only drive the whole company forward, it also lets you and the company to have something to work towards to. Second, Roger pointed out that no one would care about your business more than something to work towards to....
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