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GRADED assignment 1 - become larger issues for many years...

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Mai, Chenhao(Michael) Daniel Assgt 1: Partial summary 2/6/2011 [email protected] Ethical use of sales technology In the world of business, people use different strategies, technologies, and tactics to help them succeed, but the use of technology is far more complex than people thought today. In the world of retails sales, customer relationships is the most important part of business. Without a great, trustworthy customer relationship, it is hard to close the sales with the other person or organization. However, the ethics of using these tactics have
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Unformatted text preview: become larger issues for many years, and it is getting worst day by day. A. Using the right technologies to maintain customer relationships B. Ethics vs. Technologies usage C. Ethics impact on retail sales Your reader must be able to easily predict, from reading the thesis paragraph, exactly what your subheadings are going to be. Try to match the wording of the subheadings to thesis paragraph more exactly. Grade: A-...
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