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Merck & Co. for Internship Program

Merck & Co. for Internship Program - To President...

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To: President Daniel From: Chenhao(Michael) Mai Subject: Merck & Co. for Internship Program Date: 3/21/11 Daniel University Merck & Co., the second largest U.S. drugmaker, should not be considered as a possible candidate for internships at Daniel University. Merck & Co. has been struggling in recent year, making illegal payment to other healthcare provider, and increasing rate of lawsuit in recent years bring about the conclusion that internship programs at Merck & Co. appear undesirable. Struggling in recent year – stocks, and layoff rate Merck, although extremely successful in 2007, close to 61 dollars a share, spiraled downhill lately. The amount of adversity the company encountered in recent times took a large impact on the company. With a 15 percent layoff in the summer of 2010, to their stock plummeting over 40% from early-December 2007 to March 2010, Merck shows how hard it was hit financially. As a result, in a few years, Merck will not be able to yield large sums of profit from this seed technology and make it harder for them to make hire new workers or new interns.
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