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Extra Credit for Chinese Cinema Chen Hao Michael Mai Professor Song 4/17/11 It has been fourteen weeks since the class started; we have watched so many Chinese films which includes the most recent one Chungking Express, what time is it over there, eat, drink, man, women, once upon a time in China III…etc. However, out of all these amazing films, personally I love Once Upon A Time in China III the most, it does not only portrait vivid image of ancient Chinese culture, it also added the martial arts elements into the movie. When people think of ancient Chinese film, people usually think of them as black and white, boring film but Once Upon A Time in China III changed all those old ideas. The director started the film with Chinese background then gradually added a bit of action for time to time. Even though the director tried to make this film a little bit different than most of the Chinese films, it still
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Unformatted text preview: somehow combine the film with many Chinese traditions such as the lion dance, Chinese opera, dresses, and the way they act. On top of that, the director also brought it foreigners to show the contrast and interaction of other country. There is another scene in the movie that caught my attention which is also my favorite scene, the part where Aunt 13 runs away from Tomanovsky. I really liked this part because it has so much meaning and so many ways you can interpreted. The way I look at this scene is the fact that during that period of time, people are still having trouble accepting new ideas and new products. We can see that from Wong’s reaction when Aunt 13 asked Tomanovsky’s help to repair the steam machine and the gift, camera, Tomanovsky gave Aunt 13. Anyway, overall I really like how the director plays with different elements, it was a great film....
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