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Chinese cinema mid term - Chinese Cinema Mid-term Michael...

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Chinese Cinema Mid-term Michael Mai 3/31/11 Professor Song I. Fill in the Blanks 1. Shadow Magic is set in the city of Beijing/Peking . 2. In Once Upon a Time in China III, Wong Fei-hung leaves Guangzhou for the first time, arrives in Beijing, and later on attends the national Lion Dance Martial Arts contest. 3. __Wong Fei-hung martial arts film __ has been claimed to be the longest- running films series in world cinema. 4-6. List three characteristics of Ruan Lingyu as a sophisticated “New Woman” modern outlook, fight for freedom and independence , perceived immorality ____ 7. which film we saw is categorized as the third generation representative work? ________________The Red Detachment of Women_________________________. 8. Name one director who belongs to the fifth generation filmmakers of China _____________Chen Kaige _____________________________________________. 9-10. Which films we saw are categorized respectively as the fifth and the sixth generation films? King of Children & The Heat of the Sun . 11. All the films from week 6 to week 8 have this political event as the historical background: The Cultural Revolution . 12-14. In Red Detachment of Women, what are the roles that Hong Changquing plays in Wu Qionghua’s trajectory? List three: _____savior, teacher, forbidden lover . 15. In To Live, Chungsheng gives Fugui’s family a picture of mao as the wedding gift for Fengxia
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II. Short Answers 1. In Once Upon a Time in China III , what new machines and equipment can represent the material existences of western powers? List three examples and address their meanings. Steam machine – Wong’s father bought the machine in order to improve the quantity and the quality of the medicine production. On the other hand, Wong refused to get help from the Russian when the stream machine broke down, which I believe is a way for Wong to refuse any western powers. Guns – When Aunt 13 first saw the footage from the video camera, she was shocked to see how powerful the gun was. At the same time the footage also represented how powerful guns can be compare to Chinese martial arts. Video Camera - there are several meaning behind the word camera in this film, but I think the most important one is where aunt 13 filmed Wong showing off his kungfu skills on camera. This represented how western powers can capture the important moment on film instead of still picture. 2. Cantonese, Shanghainese, and Mandarin Chinese are spoken in Centre Stage. What are the meanings of the different three dialectics? What are your comments on the first 3 lines of the sentimental theme song of the film: “Gone with the butterfly is my heart/Lonely night, lonely me, lonely tears/ I have a craze for tenderness, and love”? Since the film alternates between present scenes, several interviews of
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Chinese cinema mid term - Chinese Cinema Mid-term Michael...

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