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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 16 Personal Selling and Sales Promotion Personal selling Interpersonal influence process involving a sellers promotional presentation conducted on a person-to-person basis with the buyer A salesman is someone who sells goods that wont come back to customers who will. Almost 10 percent of the Canadian labour force is employed in sales positions The Evolution of Personal Selling Selling is an activity that is thousands of years old Early peddlers sold goods they manufactured or imported . . . viewed selling as a secondary activity Following Confederation, sales people from Montreal and Toronto travelled east to the Maritimes and west through the United Sates to Winnipeg and Victoria In the 19th century, drummers sold to both consumers and intermediaries sometimes using questionable practices and built negative stereotypes which persist today Todays salesperson is usually a highly-trained professional Sales professionals take a customer-oriented approach employing truthful, non-manipulative tactics in order to satisfy the long-term needs of both the customer and the selling firm Todays professional salespeople are problem solvers who seek to develop long-term relationships with customers Selling is the single largest marketing expense for many firms The Four Sales Channels Four sales channels all include both business-to-business and direct-to-customer selling 1. Over-the-Counter Selling Over-the-Counter Personal selling conducted in retail and some wholesale locations in which customers come to the seller place of business Example: Best Buys CARE Plus mantra has allowed it to outsell its competitors 2. Field Selling Field selling Sales presentations made at prospective customers locations on a face-to-face basis Many field salespeople belong to the Canadian Professional Sales Association Expensive form of selling due to travel costs (time as well as money) Network marketing Personal selling that relies on a host who organizes a gathering of potential customers for an in-home demonstration of products Examples: Mary Kay Cosmetics, Tupperware 3. Telemarketing Telemarketing Promotional presentation involving the use of the telephone on an outbound basis by salespeople or on an inbound basis by customers who initiate calls to obtain information and place orders Outbound technologies allow companies to double the number of calls per hour, to dial numbers continuously, and to reach unlisted numbers and block Caller ID Unpopular, but it is inexpensive and often successful Inbound telemarketing often involves toll-free number that customers can call for information, to make reservations, or to place orders 4. Inside Selling Inside selling Selling by phone, mail, and electronic commerce Turn opportunities into actual sales Support technicians and customers with current solutions Strong customer orientation Trends in Personal Selling Companies rely on three major personal selling approaches to meet customer needs 1. Relationship Selling1....
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CH16.ppt.Convertor - Chapter 16 Personal Selling and Sales...

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