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Topics to be covered this week Statistics 108 Summer Session I, 2011 Monday, July 25 Model selection: all possible regression models (best subsets), forward selection and backward elimination methods (chap 9.4). Tuesday, July 26 Model selection: stepwise regression (chaps 9.4-9.5). Interaction regression models (chap 8.2), Qualitative predictors (chaps 8.3- 8.7). Wednesday, July 27 Qualitative predictors (chaps 8.3-8.7). Thursday, July 28 FINAL Some useful information for the FINAL a) The exam will be closed book and closed notes. However, you may bring four sheets (both sides) with formulas etc. on them. b) Please bring a calculator.
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Unformatted text preview: c) Please bring a bluebook or a few sheets of paper. d) Please photocopy the statistical tables (Normal, t and F) for use during the exam. e) Part of the exam will be take-home. The FINAL will cover all of chapter 1 (you may skip the discussion on “maximum likelihood” in Section 1.8), all of chapter 2 except Section 2.11, all of chapter 3 except Section 3.6, all of chapter 4 except Sections 4.5, 4.6, all of chapter 5, all of chapter 6, all of chapter 7 except Section 7.5, all of chapter 8, all of chapter 9 (you may skip the discussion on PRESS p criterion)....
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