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SAMPLE MIDTERM Stat 108 Instructor: Prabir Burman SHOW ALL WORK 1. The following analysis of variance (ANOVA) table is based on Mathematics scores (X) and Physics scores (Y) of 12 freshmen students in Fall, 1988. Source df Sum of square Mean square Regression 859.1 Error Total 1433.0 a) Complete the ANOVA table. b) Use this table to test the null hypothesis H 0 : β 1 =0 vs. H 1 : β 1 0 (with α =.05). Find the p-value for this test. c) Calculate R 2 and interpret it. 2. During the 1950's, radioactive waste leaked from a storage area near Hanford, Washington, into Columbia river nearby. For nine counties downstream in Oregon, an index of exposure (X) was calculated (based on distance from Hanford, and distance of the average citizen from the river, etc.). Also, the cancer mortality (Y) was calculated (deaths per 100,000 person-years, 1959- 1964). A summary of the data is given below: X=4.6, Y=160, Σ (X i -X) 2 =97.0, Σ (Y i -Y) 2 =9400, Σ (X i -X)(Y i -Y)=876. a) Calculate the regression line for predicting Y from X. Estimate cancer mortality at X=3.7.
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