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BUS 106- Understanding Business Developing a Customer Profile Date Given: September 13, 2011 Date Due: October 11, 2011 Value: 10% All businesses need to understand who their customers are in order to improve their chance of succeeding. Gathering information about their customers helps businesses to better serve them. The purpose of this assignment is to develop a profile of a firm’s typical customer. For example, the typical customer for Harley Davidson (a motorcycle manufacturer is a male, between 30-50, college/university educated, with above average income. This assignment consists of two parts. In Part 1 your assignment is to select a consumer product firm in the marketplace and develop a profile of its customers through observational research. This method should allow you to determine who is being served by that particular company. The end result is a 3-4 page report worth 5%. In Part 2 of the assignment you will be required to do a 3-4 minute presentation of your findings to the class. The presentation is worth 5%.
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