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Marketing Plan Overview You and your team members will be creating a Marketing Plan, which has been broken down into 2 parts. Each of you will be contributing to this plan. The first part of the plan will be due in week 6 of the semester, and the second part of the plan will be due in week 12 of the semester. What is the Marketing Plan about? You will be creating a new product and an associated plan for how it will be launched. The plan will include a detailed description of the product and the rest of its marketing mix (the price, how it will be promoted, and how it will be distributed to the customer). Before you can plan all the details about your marketing mix, you will need to do some research. You will need to learn about such things as your competition, what your customers want, and what the trends are that would affect your business. This research is done first (Part 1 of the Plan), then you can create the details of your product and the rest of the marketing mix. How do we get started? You begin your plan by deciding what kind of business you will be in. You might decide to be an existing firm that will be creating a new product to add to your current list of products. You might decide to be a brand new firm that will have the new product as your only product (though you must decide at the beginning what type of product you will create). Here are some examples of products that students have successfully created in their marketing plans: Computer training for Seniors (as a brand new firm) Healthy dried fruit snack (as Frito-Lay, an existing company) Student e-reader with textbooks already pre-loaded (as a brand new firm) More information is found at the end of this overview under the title: Picking your company and product What do we submit? On the due dates, you will submit each part of the Marketing Plan electronically to SafeAssign (available under “assignments” on Blackboard) as well as submit a copy to your professor. If your professor wants the project submitted on paper, then it is due at the beginning of your class. If your professor wants you to submit it electronically, then you will be given your deadline by your professor. Your professor will provide more details about their preferred media. About Part 1 of the Plan This part of the plan will mostly consist of research that everyone on the team will do. You will be looking for good information (that means not from Wikipedia or any social media like facebook) to complete the parts of the table that follows this Overview. You must provide the source for every piece of information that you include. We will use MLA format for citing the source. You can find instructions about how to do MLA format on the Seneca libraries website here If you need help finding the required information, ask your professor or someone at the library for suggestions. Since Part 1 of the Plan is almost all research, it would be common for every page of the
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project.Marketing Plan Part 1 - Marketing Plan Overview You...

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