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Axia College Material Appendix E Quoting, Summarizing, and Paraphrasing Sources Summarize: Be brief. Reflect key facts or ideas. Help readers understa nd context. Do not insert personal views. Write in your own words, except for quotatio ns. The main purpose of this website, as the website states in its “About Us” section, is to bring together different entities, which are the government and NGOs, in the East Asia and Pacific. The website is filled with information that is country specific with things such as their contact information and description of the NGO activities. The website includes and overall summary of these things. Human Trafficking (2008). About Us. Retrieved on February 28, 2009 from http://www.humantrafficking.org/content/about_us Paraphrase : Use details. Reflect the structure of the source. Reflect the ideas of the original author. Do not insert personal views. Write in
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2009-03-01_032542_com220_appendix_e1 - Axia College...

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