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Case Study - Case Study Mental Illness 1 Case Study Mental...

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Case Study: Mental Illness 1
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Case Study: Mental Illness 2 Case Study: Mental Illness The impairment of mood, behavior or thought process is characterized as mental illness. Mental illness does not discriminate and is a common illness in individuals. The lack of proper treatment plans in the health care system causes these mental health patients to go without proper care. Each mental health patient is different; their treatment may range from long-term care or short-term care. Some patients need the assistance of medication or counseling, other patients need both types of assistance. The demand for proper insurance and facilities rises each day as well as the number of mental health patients. Mental illnesses are considered to be any variety of disease or disorder in which causes an impairment of mood, behavior, or thought processes. Mental illnesses are also referred to mental impairments such as mental retardation, brain damage, and learning disabilities (Holmes, 2006). Mental impairments are considered to be a type of physical illness, because of the disabilities caused by the disorder. Currently, no medical treatments will permanently a mental illness or impairment. At this time, the treatment plans typically include medications and therapy (Doebbeling, 2007). These treatments can successfully help the illness but not cure them. The treatment also depends on the type of illness and the severity. New treatments and methods are developing all the time to help patients live a happy and productive life.
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